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Excellent Aziz:

I have sent the closing payment.

Please go ahead and make this new calendar live.
Thanks so much for the fast and excellent work.



Thanks so much! REALLY NICE WORK... Send me paypal link.

Kim Pouncy
Online Communications
Pouncy Designs

Thanks again Aziz.

I hope to have some new projects in the near future. I will let you know.

As always I appreciate your work.




I sent payment. I am very happy with this arrangement. Thanks so very much!

Kim Pouncy
Online Communications
Pouncy Designs
 Love the beautiful site you created for my company. Please let me know if you need any additional info from me to get the site up and running properly.

Carolina Bustillos
Executive Producer


 Talked to clients today – they are VERY pleased… you did a great job!!! In fact, they are starting another site very much like this one! I will talk to Aziz about it. We plan on launching the Beauty Registry site on Oct.

You really did a great job THANK YOU so much!!!!

Kim Pouncy
Online Communications
Pouncy Designs


 Hi Aziz,

Sorry for my late reply.?  I pride myself on quick replies to e-mail.  One of the things I admire most about you is your responsiveness and quick follow-up!?  So again, sorry for my late reply.

Before I came to know, I used another company for my web work.?  Basically this company took all of my money and years later (yes, years) I am still struggling to get them to do what I have already paid them to do.?  I think I am close to finally getting the products I paid for so long ago.?  When I do, I plan to move all my sites over to a new server and start doing all my work with you.?  If fact, some of what you have done for me represents work I already paid them to do.?  It is an
extremely frustrating and disappointing situation.

Hopefully in a few weeks time, I will have enough from the old company to finally do away with them.?  It is really a sad situation but this sad situation helped me find you.?  I really appreciate all the quality and affordable work you have done for me and I am sincere in my desire to do much more work with you.

Please touch bases with me a in a couple of weeks if I don’t contact you first.

Thanks again,



Thanks. It beign a pleasure to do business with you. Will keep in contact.

Hipólito Pérez


 Dear Aziz:

Great job! Thank-you and your team for your diligence and good result. Now that you are our Cold Fusion programmer, we will
continue with other requests for you… OK? I was on the road most of  the day, and I appreciate your interaction with my administrative support Iliac Rosales and our friends from All Covered (Heather)… you  will hear from me again. In the meantime, I have gladly paid the balance due of $95 USD per  your indications (see confirmation of payment below).

Thank-you again for this great start. I will get back to you soon with more!



 Dear Aziz:

Wonderful new! Yes, I just checked and the uploader is now working. You have now been confirmed as our official Cold Fusion programmer!

Thanks for all your help... I will get back to you with other tasks soon!



Dear Aziz:

 Great job again! Please thank you and your team for the good work...I have gladly made payment of the balance of $500 USD per your instructions (see Invoice below). I appreciate your following up with the issue of as I have it disabled in terms of its development as is now.

Returning to SDGKU, another issue I would like you to look into and budget is that I am unable to update the webpages from the backend with my Dell computer that has a Vista OS ...only my old computer that has the old Windows OS and Netscape Browser can do it...go to “Menu/Pages & Content” in the back, then “Menu/Pages” sub-window, and then open a page like “President’s Message”...the template labeled “Preview Page” that is supposed to show the text of the page is blocked...I wonder if this has to do with the Cold Fusion code or the version we have...anyway, let me know on this and the above.

Much appreciated!


Dear Aziz:

 It looks like you guys are all done - very nice!! I think the website looks better. I will have more work for you in the near future on the website, thanks for doing such a great job and so quickly. 




I am passing your information on to a buddy of mine, Guy Reza. He would like to talk to you about setting up a simple website. Anytime that anyone asks me about a web designer you can be sure that I will give them your information first – I am really impressed with the quality of the work, the communication and speed in which you guys have gotten my project done.


His name is Aziz A. Khan, his website is



 Hi Aziz,

Thank you very much for the discount on that job!  That sure was a difficult problem to figure out. I will send details on the next job tonight. The economy has been pretty tough this last couple of years.  I do see signs of improvement. so I am hoping the worst is over.

Again, I am really thankful for your help and plan to do a lot of work with you in the coming year.

Thank you again,


 Hi Aziz,

Looks Great.?  All the links appear to work great as well!

You all did a fantastic job.?  I very much appreciate your talents, professionalism and especially your patience.

I will work on scoping out the next job and be in touch with you soon.

Thank you again,


 Hi Zain,

Ok... I did it works perfect....thank you so much....

You are the best...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep in I would like you to work with me on any issues I might have
in the

I will send payment via I did before

Thank you again,


 Hi Aziz,

I had lunch with a friend, Jamal Bissat, today and he was mentioning he needed some help with a few changes on his website and also in the creation of a brochure. I mentioned the excellent work that you did for me and he asked me to pass along your information. Jamal, As I mentioned, Aziz works very quickly and is super responsive. I would highly recommend him, his contact information is below.

Kind regards,


 If you are considering Expert Web Programmers for your website development, I would like to tell you that you will be dealing with the best company and the best human beings you can imagine.

I know them since 2007 and it has been the best experience it could ever happen to me. I only have words of gratitude toward them. They are reliable, polite, and great professionals. They always listen what I want to implement in the site and share with me new ideas and great suggestions.

I use Canada base central office and they work in team with designers, programmers, and team leaders. We discussed the project and they presented to me all the steps for the web development, a great price, and they completed it in a timely manner.

My experience with them has been so great that we continue with a second project and we are working now in the Spanish version. As you can imagine, I wouldn't do a second project with a company if they weren't a reliable one. I have never heard a 'no' or an 'excuse' as an answer from them. Before them, I consulted my project with other companies and none of those companies gave a sense of confidence as Expert Web Programmers provided to me since day number one. They are the best company in the market and I assure you that nobody absolutely nobody can compare to them.

In summary Mr. xxxxx, I really recommend you to choose Expert Web Programmers as you web developers. For me it has been a great experience to hire them and I am pretty sure it will be a great one for you as well that you will never regret.

Cordially, Silvia

"My experience with Expert Web Programmers has been wonderful. I have had them working multiple projects at one time.

TOP Notch!!."

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