Earn $2,000 a Month Selling Hair With No Out of Pocket Expenses

“I've been sending my clients to the beauty supply store for years and never made anything. Now I just send them to my website and make money!” Michelle, Goddess Hairs
“I never sold hair because I didn't want to take the risk of buying a lot of hair. I don't have to worry about that with Mayvenn and I still make money.” Tamika
Become a DHS

Becoming a DHS is fast and free. Contact us today and be selling tomorrow!

1. Become a DHS

2. Refer Your Clients

3. Earn Commission!

DHS enables Hair Stylists to sell products directly to your clients, without the upfront costs and burdens of having inventory. We provide you the tools you need to be successful from the start and you make 15% of every sale you make! Call today and we can have you up and running by tomorrow!

How It Works

You probably already suggest to your clients what to buy and where to buy it. When you join Mayvenn, simply refer your clients to your own Mayvenn website where they can buy the style and length of hair they need. We'll ship out the product directly to your client and handle all the customer service. Best of all, YOU get the sale.... not the beauty supply store!

Make Money

You make 15% off of every sale made through your website. Mayvenn will send you a check for your earned commissions every month. You can do anything you want with it - pay rent, pay for your car or buy those shoes you wanted!



“The quality of hair is amazing and the Quality Guarantee makes it a no risk purchase for my clients.”


“I made $250 last month without doing anything - all I did was tell my clients to buy from my site.”


“Mayvenn has given my clients another option for getting their products and they have great customer service.”

Frequently Asked Questions

DHS is 100% free. There are no out-of-pocket costs to join, ever.

We send you a check or direct deposit every week. Most DHS will make an average of $500 a month. It really adds up!